Economic Approach

Basically there are 3 key factors for a successful video from a business perspective:

  • The video needs to be found and watched by the target group
  • The video needs to be interesting enough to not be clicked away after a few seconds
  • The video needs to communicate a marketing message

The big challenge is to achieve all of this in a video. If your video fails in any of the above points, it can be the prettiest video in the world but you do not gain anything from a business perspective and therefore is a waste of money and effort.

So how do you achieve these factors?

Short answer: Content is king! There are a few ways to create a video with great content. It can bring across an emotional story which connects with the audience, it can be helpful/informative, it can be funny, innovative, unique,...

In my 100-page master thesis I have developped a method to produce and market videos online succesfully. Countless hours of research and a real-world project lead into this scientificly proven method.

So whatAvideo is here to help you with a succesful video for your business!

Cinematic Passion

Can whatAvideo produce great, high quality videos?

I never went to film school, heck I went to a business school. Does that mean I can't create stunning videos? Hell no! Even some of the most famous hollywood directors didn't go to film school.

Film school teaches the basics, tools, techniques, theories and so on, but the ideas, the mind and the eye is what really counts!

Sure, if you do not know the basics and techniques you won't be able to come up with ideas because you can't even image what is possible and what not.

So how do you learn the video basics as a business student? Well you can't. Unless you are curious, develop an enormous inner drive and you really, really want to master video production. That's exactly what happened in my case. But it's easier said than done with zero knowledge about videos to begin with...

Only with countless hours of research, practice, amateur projects, online classes, tutorial videos on pretty much anything about filmmaking: video cameras, lighting, concepts, production, composition, workflows, color grading, editing software, animations, post production and so on... I felt confident enough to start making videos on a professional level a few years ago. The more projects I realized, the better I got.

Since then it's my passion to create stunning videos and pretty much every single day I try to find inspiration, looking for new techniques and just become better in every aspect of video production. It is a never ending learning process, and that's what makes it exciting for me!

The bottom line is: I love making videos!

Nobody paid me anything to create videos in the beginning. I was just a business student. All my motivation came just from inside me.

I strongly believe when you do something you love, you will do great!

Best Value For Your Money

So combining the economic approach, the cinematic passion and the fact that I do not need to pay fixed salaries for employees nor monthly rent for an office will undoubtely give you the best value for your money when you want a video. 

It does not matter if you choose the All-In-One Video Production & Marketing or just a Motion Graphics animation, my rates are very cost effective and I work fast and efficient!

Many Different Formats

whatAvideo is able to produce all different kinds of videos, work with different industries and create different video formats.

Examples what whatAvideo can do for you: Tutorial Videos, Travel Videos, Videos for Youtubers, Commercials, Event Videos, Image Videos, Business Videos, Product Videos, Marketing Videos, Business Videos.

Let's get in contact to discuss your project!