Procurement Software Video

Video Production, Video Editing & Motion Graphics

Project details
  • Client
  • POOL4TOOL America, Detroit, United States of America

  • Concept
  • The goal was to briefly explain all products/modules of the cloud procurement software POOL4TOOL. In total 12 videos were shot - one for each module of the software.

  • Video Production
  • Video production for all 12 videos had to be done within one week in Detroit. Location scouting had to be done on the spot. Lighting set-up had to be improvised as well but turned out very well. Two cameras, two lights and one microphone were used. All screencasts were done with the software "OBS".

  • Video Editing
  • Due to the very complex topic, motion graphics effects had to be subtle and should additionialy make the topic less complex. Background music was also carefully selected.