Kitekahunas - Learn Wave Kitesurfing

All-In-One Video Production & Marketing

This one of the most trouble-free and successfull projects I have ever done. Kitekahunas has significantly increased its revenue in the next year!
— Wolfram Reiners, Owner Kitekahunas & Entrepreneur
Project details
  • Client
  • Concept
  • "Learn Wave Kitesurfing" is a video tutorial series for Youtube and it consists of 9 videos so far.

  • Video Production
  • Video production was done with external camera men and rented gear for super slow motion footage. In addition, GoPros and a drone were used in an innovative way.

    Shot lists for each shooting day and for each of the 7 riders were created.
    Management and directing camera men and riders on the shooting locations was one of the biggest challenges.

  • Video Editing
  • More than 1 month of post production together with included: Video editing, voice over recording, sound selection, color grading and motion graphics

  • Online Marketing
  • Created search engine optimized web pages for each video (for example: Lessson 1)
    Developped a viral launch strategy for the biggest impact which included: a trailer video for Facebook, Facebook Ads, press information and a contest

gopro wave kitesurfing video production facebook
  • Trailer video on Facebook
  • 42.500 people reached

  • Youtube views
  • 43.000 - 13.000 views for EACH of the videos

  • Google search
  • Number 1 for main keywords "learn wave kitesurfing"

  • Revenue
  • Revenue from Kitekahunas was DOUBLED next season!

learn wave kitesurfing video production facebook