naturlik Chopping Board Product Video

Video Production, Video Editing & Motion Graphics

Project details
  • Client
  •, Friedburg, Austria

  • Concept
  • Focus on problems of potential customers in the beginning of the video, not on product features. Customers want to buy solutions and not features. Produced for Facebook Advertising and use on homepage. Facebook Advertising combined with a give-away to have the maximum viral exposure and therefore views/sales.

  • Video Production
  • Video Production was done in a kitchen with a 2 lighting set-up, a tripod and a monopod. The small sized monopod was mainly used for the "over-head-shots" due to its small size.

  • Video Editing
  • Format 1:1 was chosen specifically for Facebook and great mobile experience. Minor Motion Graphics also included, but not too much so that the viewer does not get distracted. Background music should be subtle and not distracting.